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Enhance Secure Access from Anywhere with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

  • Identify everything that users may need remote access to
  • Enforce policies to limit user access to specific resources
  • Monitor all access attempts no matter where they’re from
  • Adjust access privileges to boost productivity while minimizing risk and exposure
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Do you need ZTNA?


You use multi-cloud environments and your top priorities include securing connections, ensuring accessibility, and maintaining granular control.


You have a geographically diverse workforce and it’s a challenge enforcing user, device or application-specific policies to meet your security requirements for access.


You’re looking for encrypted, low-latency connections and network segmentation to reduce your network’s attack surface, that too without breaking the bank.

ZTNA vs Remote Access VPN - What's the difference?

Despite having the same goal of controlling access to corporate data, VPNs and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) differ in both their approach and capabilities in delivering secure remote access. Here’s how:


Goal: Replace traditional, perimeter-based cybersecurity to minimize both the internal and external attack surface.

  • Allows even authorized users as little access as possible, on a strictly need-to-know basis
  • Includes device and health status in access policies to further enhance security
  • User location: Location agnostic


Goal: Provide employees with secure remote access to company resources.

  • All-or-nothing: once on the network, a VPN generally offers access to everything
  • Varies in endpoint trust: Doesn’t consider device status, which can put application data at risk to a compromised or non-compliant device
  • User location: Often location dependant
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How PureDome’s ZTNA takes you to the next step in your Zero Trust journey

By prioritizing identity verification and contextual factors like location, time, and user behavior - our solution ensures that users and devices securely access resources - even in a dynamic, cloud-centric environment.

Authenticate & Authorize

IdP integrations that eliminate the guess-work

Define who in your team can access your gateway and provide authorized users with seamless access to your network and resources. With PureDome’s ability to integrate with your identity provider/central IAM system, be it Okta or Azure, manual account management is a thing of the past.

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Network Segmentation

Gateways at the boundaries of each of your section

Elevate network control and security with PureDome gateways that segment extensive networks into more streamlined, manageable sections so you have least privilege access control across the various sections of your network - ultimately improving network performance, security, and administration.

Reporting & Logs

Admin reports in one place

Ensure continuous verification and vetting of all access requests to your network, with watertight visibility across feature usage, admin and member activity, access usage analytics, and device activity.

Device Health Checks

Device Posture Checks to facilitate your BYOD deployments

Enable granular control over both users and their devices by enforcing predefined security policies that ensure that only compliant devices connect to your network, no matter what your users connect from.

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Encrypt Remote Connections

A VPN that secures access for your remote teams

Establish access controls by using a VPN as an entry point to your network so you secure access to your resources with whitelisted IPs and strengthen your entire zero trust strategy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What problem does ZTNA solve?

In essence, Zero Trust ensures that access is based on need and trust is not assumed, increasing overall security and minimizing risks. Zero Trust addresses the problem of unrestricted access to corporate resources by implementing access controls. The key advantages of Zero Trust include enhanced network security, data safety, resilience against both known and emerging cyber threats, decreased fallout from security breaches, and the potential for cost savings.

Can ZTNA coexist with already implemented security solutions?

Yes, ZTNA can coexist with existing security solutions. It is designed to complement and enhance an organization's security posture. ZTNA can be integrated with other security technologies and solutions to provide layered protection. By doing so, organizations can strengthen their overall security while leveraging their existing investments in security infrastructure.

What are the principles of ZTNA?

The ZTNA model combines elements from the principles of least privilege, software-defined perimeters, and advanced security tools and policies. There are primarily two ZTNA architectures: one is initiated at the endpoint, employing an agent on each user's device, while the other is initiated through the cloud.

How does ZTNA help in secure remote access?

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) enhances secure remote access by verifying user identities, adopting contextual authentication, and enforcing the principle of least privilege. It provides micro-segmentation to contain potential threats, protects against insider threats through continuous monitoring, and reduces the attack surface. This approach allows employees to securely access corporate resources from remote locations while maintaining robust security measures.

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