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16th June, 2023
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In today's digital world, cybersecurity has become a great concern across all industries, and the medical sector is no exception. With the shift towards digital health records and virtual patient care, the medical industry is increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats.

Reports indicate that an alarming 90% of healthcare organizations have fallen victim to at least one security breach in recent years. Furthermore, larger hospitals appear to be a prime target for such breaches, accounting for 30% of all data breaches, often resulting in the exposure of sensitive patient health information.

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The implications of a security breach in this sector can be severe, given the sensitivity of health data. Unauthorized access, data theft, or breaches can not only harm patients but also erode trust in healthcare providers and result in significant legal and financial repercussions. Therefore, robust cybersecurity measures are critical to protect patient data, maintain the integrity of medical services, and ensure compliance with various data protection regulations.

Understanding HelloRache's Challenges

HelloRache, a prominent virtual healthcare services provider based in the United States, found itself facing a variety of security-related challenges. HelloRache had to safeguard sensitive medical data while ensuring the smooth delivery of their virtual medical, dental, and veterinary assistant services.

HelloRache Challenge


As they dealt with sensitive medical data, they needed a secure and reliable solution that offered static IPs to protect this information and enabled secure connection across the globe. HelloRache needed to make sure the data stays secure all the time and that they can work securely with their customers. They also required fast and reliable connections to ensure smooth operations, round-the-clock accessibility, and a scalable solution to accommodate growth.

The Implementation Journey

HelloRache adopted PureDome's (VPN for Teams) security services without any external assistance. This showcases PureDome's intuitive UI/UX and the quality of their customer support. They leveraged PureDome's flexible subscription plans to cater to their specific needs.

At first they only purchased an annual subscription for 100+ users with dedicated IPs, providing each user with a unique IP address for secure and uninterrupted connections. In addition, they also have a separate annual subscription for shared network, allowing them to efficiently utilize resources while maintaining robust security measures. Upon experiencing heightened security, round the clock customer support, and ease of use, they made the decision to grow and further expand their PureDome subscription. As a result, they added more than 3x team members on the shared network. However, one aspect that could not be currently addressed is HelloRache's request for more than three sub-admins, as PureDome currently supports only up to three sub-admins.

HelloRache Operations


The Impact Of PureDome On HelloRache's Operations

Embracing PureDome's advanced VPN solutions over a period of two years, HelloRache has harnessed the power of robust cybersecurity, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and data protection measures. Despite encountering minor technical issues, the overall integration of PureDome within their IT infrastructure has been largely advantageous, underscoring the resilience and efficacy of PureDome's VPN services.

Static IP Advantage

A key feature that set PureDome apart for HelloRache was the provision of static IP addresses. Given the nature of HelloRache's business model, where virtual assistants are paired with clients, static IPs have proven to be invaluable. Static IPs allow their clients to whitelist their devices and gives them allowance to all sorts of systems that they otherwise wouldn't be able to access. Previously, it was difficult for their virtual assistants to request their internet service providers to requisition them a non-dynamic IP. However, PureDome enables the provision of a dedicated IP in up to 30 locations across the world within minutes. These unique, unchanging IP addresses allowed HelloRache's clients to whitelist the IPs on their systems, ensuring secure, reliable, and consistent communication. This, in turn, bolstered the overall trust in HelloRache's services and enhanced their operational security.

Static IP Advantage


Accessibility and Availability

With the VPN solution, HelloRache's services became accessible to their clients around the clock. With a team of cybersecurity experts available 24/7 to promptly address any technical glitches and provide effective solutions, HelloRache's operational flow has remained largely uninterrupted. This level of technical support underscores PureDome's commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

PureDome has servers available in 70 different locations - covering all major countries and cities across the world. This ensured secure remote access and enabled the establishment of connections from anywhere, further ensuring round-the-clock availability of HelloRache's virtual medical, dental, and veterinary assistant services. PureDome's user-friendly interface, combined with its advanced network architecture, has also streamlined HelloRache's operations. The platform's intuitive design has minimized the learning curve for HelloRache's team and their clients, reducing potential operational interruptions and enhancing overall productivity. VPN applications are available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, enhancing ease of use.

Accessibility and Availability



HelloRache was able to achieve robust network security without the need for significant infrastructure investment or hardware installation. Moreover, the VPN for teams offers a flexible pricing structure. This made PureDome's solutions a cost-effective choice for HelloRache, enabling them to direct more resources towards their core services and client care.

The Chief Information Officer at HelloRache acknowledged the impact of PureDome on their operations, stating, "Your support has been stellar and very responsive. Insofar, I have no complaints!" This endorsement highlights the successful incorporation of PureDome's advanced VPN solutions within HelloRache's technological framework, and their transformative effect on the company's operations.

Future Security Goals And Plans

While HelloRache uses VPNs primarily for operational reasons, the security benefits provided by PureDome have been valuable. Moving forward, HelloRache aims to ensure that their virtual assistants continue to adopt their clients' cybersecurity policies. They are looking forward to the reinstatement of the sub-admin feature from PureDome without a cap of 3 users, and believe that these improvements will further enhance their services' safety and efficiency.

Conclusion: A Future-Proof Partnership

The partnership between HelloRache and PureDome exemplifies the crucial role of a secure and reliable VPN service in virtual healthcare. With PureDome, HelloRache has successfully elevated its services, providing better, more secure virtual assistance to its clients. Their journey illustrates the transformative power of the right VPN solution and offers valuable insights for businesses navigating the challenges of data security and privacy in the digital age.

Your support has been stellar and very responsive. Insofar, I have no complaints!

Nick Powell, Chief Information Officer, Hello Rache