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Onboard Healthcare Virtual Assistants in your team while staying HIPAA compliant

Healthcare VAs can boost your efficiency and help cut admin costs by up to 60%. PureDome can help you work with them while staying compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Secure Remote Access for Virtual Assistants in Healthcare

With medical administrative assistants averaging $18 per hour and healthcare virtual assistants costing approximately $6 per hour, the choice to embrace virtual assistants becomes even more compelling. Additionally, in today's evolving healthcare landscape, the strategic integration of virtual assistants can further optimize efficiency. Their ability to proficiently handle a multitude of repetitive tasks, traditionally managed by in-house assistants, not only outweighs the associated costs but also provides cost-effective support.

Elevate your healthcare operations with PureDome's cutting-edge static IP solution, fortified by advanced encryption protocols to ensure the utmost security during global data transmissions. Say goodbye to the hassles of frequent ISP engagements and enable seamless and secure healthcare workflows.


PureDome Recognized As Leader In G2 Reports