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Enabling Business Security With The Best Corporate VPN Solution

  • 27 Jan 2024

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Businesses aiming to secure their private and confidential data from rising online threats should implement a corporate VPN solution. Remote work has taken over the world by storm, and research reveals that remote jobs across the globe will be increasing in the years to come. By 2025, 36.2 million employees will be working remotely in the USA. While this approach may have its benefits, a significant drawback is the considerable risk of cybersecurity attached to it.

Businesses are now easy targets for cybercriminals and hackers who can easily compromise insecure home networks, making it easy for them to make their way into private networks. To prevent this, businesses must utilize a corporate VPN to limit unwanted network access.

If you own a business requiring high-class security, you need not look further than a corporate VPN solution. Read on to learn more about the importance of a VPN for business.

What Is A Corporate VPN Solution?

Corporate VPN solutions ensure businesses can empower employees by granting them secure access to the company network and cloud services via end-to-end encryption. No matter where employees work, they will have a secure network connection.

Businesses can transform their networks with a highly scalable, secure, and seamless corporate VPN. However, companies must make an intelligent decision to choose the best corporate VPN provider to ensure their business success.

Why Do Companies Need A Business VPN?

Portable devices grant greater flexibility when it comes to remote working. This flexibility and BYOD policies have paved the way for the need for greater security. Cyberattacks alone have caused companies to use advanced and secure solutions like VPNs to protect their data. VPNs make it simple for companies to scan devices, prevent hacking attempts, and encrypt data. The VPN industry was valued at $15 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow by 18% by 2022.

How Does A Corporate VPN Work?

Corporate VPN servers enable compliance and network security for organizations that have moved to a cloud or hybrid cloud environment using IPSec or SSL. IPSec, a secure network protocol, encrypts data during the packet transfer process. The protocol establishes virtual tunneled connections between an external device, network resources, and users via a secure network access gateway and a VPN client program.

The IPSec protocol creates a corporate VPN tunnel by negotiating SA (Security Associations) with the IKE (Internet Key Exchange) management protocol to create a secure and verified communication channel between the user, device, and network resources.

IPSec exchanges keys for end-to-end encryption that takes place in two phases. Firstly, the user will establish a secure channel using their device for an IPSec security association. Secondly, users and their devices will authenticate traffic to flow through the tunnel.

IP traffic flowing between the secure network access gateway and the client will create an IPSec tunnel that will result in a secure VPN tunnel. This private tunnel and the data traveling on the network, private or public, will benefit from encryption, ensuring all data is secure and private.

How Does PureDome Secure Businesses?

PureDome takes great pride in its zero logs policy, ensuring companies do not have to worry about the misuse of their private and confidential information. Other reasons why PureDome is an excellent solution for businesses are as follows:

Impenetrable Online Security

Instead of dedicating a hefty budget and resources to an experienced cybersecurity team, businesses can opt for PureDome instead. PureDome not only serves as an affordable solution for companies that want top-notch security and privacy, but they will be able to operate as though they are off the grid.

Safely Access Data On Public Networks

Whether your employees work from home or in a coffee shop, they will remain anonymous while using PureDome. Public networks, in particular, are incredibly risky, increasing the chance of losing your business’s private information. Giving your employees access to PureDome will ensure your business will not suffer because of hacking attempts, data loss, etc.

Efficient Team Management

By employing PureDome, you will control all aspects of your business and how employees access your networks. Whether you want to give or limit access to specific networks or remove an ex-employee, you can manage all operations using a single dashboard using PureDome.

Businesses of all sizes need to benefit from corporate VPN servers to avoid potential issues. If your business lacks a thorough VPN implementation, now would be the right time to benefit from PureDome’s corporate VPN solution.