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Data Access Control

PureDome enables data access control and helps companies divide assets into several organized sets. This ensures that only authorized users can access said company assets. Moreover, information is also protected and it is ensured that data are encrypted for secure transmission.

How Data Access Control Works?

The primary goal of data access control is to prevent unauthorized access to company assets within an organization. Restricted access to company assets for a limited audience helps protect private and confidential data. A business VPN serves as a point of entry for data available on company networks. Data access control for consultants’ parameters can be created using a VPN to differentiate users who should have access from those who should not. Regarding security, controlling access to company assets is essential for information protection. PureDome dedicated IP VPN and data security solution can help divide company assets into several sets and limit the risk of valuable data leakage to an optimum level.

Secure Your Network