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How Do Device Posture Checks Augment Secure Remote Access

  • 30 Jan 2024

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Secure remote access is essential for modern workplaces. The rise of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture in the remote work era has led to a concurrent increase in security threats.

According to Helpnet Security's survey, 63% of respondents recognized data leakage as their primary concern with the BYOD culture, with an additional 57% expressing worries over the potential risks associated with downloading unsafe applications or content. Issues like malware exposure from home networks, the absence of critical security updates on mobile devices, or the lack of encryption can all hinder network access. This is precisely where the significance of the Device Posture Check becomes evident.

Our infographic details how coupling your cybersecurity solutions with device posture checks is essential for ensuring secure remote access for your business operations.How Does


Bottom Line

PureDome's integrated Device Posture Check (DPC) serves as a powerful risk management tool, particularly for external endpoints. By assessing the likelihood of malware infiltration and ensuring device compliance with corporate protocols, you ensure secure remote access to your organizational resources by implementing a robust endpoint security strategy that is essential to meeting the holistic cybersecurity requirements of the coming year.

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