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Identity Access Management (IAM) - How It Augments Secure Remote Access

  • 30 Jan 2024

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Identity and access management (IAM) is a fundamental component of the Zero Trust approach as it enhances security for users accessing applications and data from their linked devices. Whether these devices are personal smartphones and tablets brought in by employees or newly deployed work laptops situated in unconventional settings, IAM enables businesses to strengthen their defense mechanisms against smarter cyberattacks. With 44% of the world’s security specialists vying for the integration of IAM solutions, here’s how they play a crucial role in ensuring each user possesses the appropriate access permission for secure and streamlined identity management.Identity


Bottom Line

IAM is a structured set of rules, operational procedures, and utilities employed to oversee and facilitate the proper entry to an organization's assets. Put simply, PureDome’s Identity and Access Management solution focuses on guaranteeing that only the right users can reach the right information at the right time, and for the right purposes. Spend only 9 minutes to learn how PureDome’s IAM solution can help your business augment secure remote access.