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Business VPNs: Ensure Data Access Control & Security

  • 27 Jan 2024

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Internet access is paramount to modern business, but so is digital security. Staying ahead of cyber-attacks and reinforcing data access control strategies when working remotely is critical, and one of the ways to thwart them is by employing a next-gen business VPN.

Today, business VPN services have pivoted to become one of the most indispensable and popular tools in every privacy-conscious business surfing toolkit. They help prevent network penetration and data collection, ensuring your business has a secure, dependable Internet connection.

From IT security professionals to general users, business VPN services are on companies' radars to help them provide secure remote access to their roaming users and help them safely connect to different office sites across the internet.

According to Future Workforce Report by Upwork (2021), 40.7 million people in America are expected to be fully remote in the next five years. However, security issues are bound to increase with employees using home networks or café hotspots to access the internet.

Moreover, the projected financial losses due to cybercrime continue to mount, reaching $6.9 billion annually, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Therefore, a virtual private network is pivotal to help you implement safety measures without impeding your employees' productivity and ensure every worker can access corporate resources without risking organizational safety.

Read on to find out how to keep your remote team safe and secure using a VPN and alleviate security concerns.

Safe Remote Access

One of the top features of a VPN is its remote access capability. It allows employees to access corporate resources on the public internet safely.

With a cloud-based VPN service, your remote teams may need to download the application on the devices they work on. Once the employees have authenticated their identity, they can easily access work tools.

A cloud-based VPN is an optimal solution even if remote teams work on their devices. This makes the remote onboarding process more manageable, as the cloud-based VPN setup doesn't require exceptional know-how.

Your team is never restricted to a location with a remote access VPN. They can securely obtain necessary resources from a coffee shop, shared workspace, or anywhere else. Provided that they are connected to a dependable VPN server, all their data is encrypted, and even when they change their networks, their IP address remains the same.

Robust Network Security

Network security safeguards the underlying networking infrastructure from intrusions, breaches, unauthorized access, or other threats. It involves forming a secure infrastructure in a protected space for applications, users, and devices.

This is an overarching and vast term that describes software and hardware solutions, rules or processes, and configurations pertinent to network accessibility, use, and general small business data protection.

A next-generation VPN service forms a safe tunnel for encrypted data passage over the internet from originating point to the end point. This ensures that all the information received and transmitted is safeguarded effectively.

With working from home and telecommuting becoming the norm, employees often rely on insecure networks to gain internet access, leaving the company's information and resources vulnerable to an attack.

Moreover, VPNs enable employees to work from anywhere worldwide while having a safe network that doesn't leave corporate data vulnerable.

Effective Data Access Control

Robust data access control, management, and maintenance are crucial to securing and protecting business data. Using VPNs allow your business to minimize vulnerability and access sensitive organizational data.

Primarily, companies leverage business VPN services for data access control for remote workers: to avoid malicious users from connecting to the corporate network and to regulate which users have access to what resources.

Modern business VPNs offer network administrators additional granular control with server-level access guidelines. Employees or teams that don't meet the established criteria in the guidelines will be denied access, whereas those that do will be granted permission.

Furthermore, employing VPNs helps your business strengthen its data leak prevention policies. Data leak prevention is a vital cybersecurity practice implementing secure data actions to minimize accidental exposure.

How Can PureDome Help?

Proactive risk management is pivotal to dealing with the emerging cyber threat landscape. A next-generation business VPN service like PureDome helps you simplify secure access to all your cloud-based and internal resources, such as company databases and staging servers.

By deploying a VPN service, you can ensure effective data access control for remote workers and that any information shared across the network remains encrypted.

In addition to robust and airtight security, VPNs are a powerful tool to increase speed and boost productivity with their rapid network speed and capability to carry out super-fast downloads and uploads.

Setting up PureDome can empower your business to control, manage and mitigate cyber risks, protecting your critical assets, customers, employees, and partners and letting them focus on what matters most.

Get in touch with the PureDome team today and explore VPN plans to suit your unique situation.