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Preparing Your Organization for Successful Virtual Assistant Onboarding

3rd September, 2023

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Initiating the onboarding process for a new employee might seem straightforward in theory, but what about when that employee is located hundreds of miles away?

Welcoming a fresh remote virtual assistant into your team presents a significant challenge. The effective execution of onboarding holds the key to swift productivity, the establishment of trust, and sustained accomplishments.

Opting to outsource administrative tasks rather than hiring in-house offers a notable advantage—access to companies providing managed and dedicated assistants. Such an arrangement entails the company assuming responsibility for supervising, training and overseeing the assistant, relieving you of these duties.

Why is the onboarding process Important?

To provide context, Process St reported on research that delved into employee experiences during onboarding. A pivotal finding was that effective onboarding enhances employee retention by 25% and overall performance by 11%.

Why should one be concerned with implementing a VA onboarding checklist? It's primarily about establishing structure. Employees who engage in a well-structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to remain with an organization for three years.