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How does PureDome address security concerns related to remote work?
With its powerful ZTNA solution and Business VPN, PureDome enables users to securely connect to corporate resources from any location and transmit data across the cloud. It’s designed for the modern workforce to provide secure remote access and safeguard against threats, ensuring that users and devices are authenticated before accessing critical resources.
How much does the PureDome platform cost?
PureDome’s pricing is formed around 3 variables: the number of team members involved, the number of dedicated gateways required, and the number of dedicated IPs required. We also provide customized pricing and are working on a pro plan for our customers, details of which will be added to our pricing page.
What locations does PureDome offer dedicated servers in?
PureDome offers dedicated servers in 30 locations across the world. We also offer the option of a custom location for gateways.
What restrictions can I enforce with PureDome?
PureDome allows administrators to enforce security policies like MFA and 2FA, along with an array of device posture checks
Can PureDome’s ZTNA solution be integrated with our existing cybersecurity infrastructure?
Yes, our ZTNA solution and its features are designed to integrate with various security tools. Our experts will work with your IT team to ensure a smooth integration process.
What level of support is provided during and after the ZTNA deployment?
We offer 24/7/365 human support throughout the deployment process with an SLA resolution time of 2 hours, and provide ongoing assistance to address any issues, answer questions, and ensure the optimal performance of ZTNA in your environment.
Can I try PureDome for free?
Yes! We offer a free 14-day trial. The trial includes all features on our platform. This way, you can test all features and decide which features provide the best value for your needs. Get started here.
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"PureDome sets an example of what customer support should be"

What do you like best about PureDome?
PureDome has great features and an easy-to-navigate portal. It's clear that a lot of thought was put into the UI, which I believe is an often undervalued feature of systems in general. What I do find to be just as important however, is their customer support. They're always there on a moments notice and I'm always in contact with the same people. I consider that to be a highly valuable aspect of PureDome.

Nick Powell

"Reliable & Easy to use"

What do you like best about PureDome?
I have been using PureDome VPN for a few months now, and I'm incredibly satisfied with my experience. The user interface is straightforward and intuitive, making it exceptionally easy to use, even for someone like me who is not tech-savvy. The connection is reliable, and I appreciate the seamless experience while browsing the internet securely. I highly recommend PureDome VPN to anyone looking for a user-friendly and reliable VPN service.

Dany Adel K

"Easy to use and Best support"

What do you like best about PureDome?
PureDome is a reliable ZTNA provider. We use it as we travel a lot and we need to access to company ressources, having many great features like Dedicated IP and Gateways! and it is very easy to implement as well. Frequency of use: We use the platform all the time and it integrates with google chrome! kudos for that

Saeed A

"Amazing UX and support!!"

What do you like best about PureDome?
I loved how easy it was connect to my preferred location and how helpful the support was when I needed some help.
Shaheer G

"Service dedicated to protection !!!"

What do you like best about PureDome?
this platform is one of the most popular in the entire market since it is capable of giving you a totally safe browsing without being a victim of any information theft, its tools and the multiple options to select as well as the number of servers is Impressive truth, any user can easily choose the one they like the most. You can use your account on different devices safely through the local Wi-Fi network, it is very easy to use and its interface is neat and clean, you really get optimal performance from the platform.

Barry M