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PureDome vs VyprVPN

  • 30 Jan 2024

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In today's digitally connected world, ensuring your online privacy and security is of paramount importance. With the multitude of VPN providers available, selecting the perfect one can be a challenging task. This comprehensive comparison between PureDome and VyprVPN will help you make an informed decision.

PureDome - The Business VPN

PureDome is tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses and remote teams, offering advanced cybersecurity features. It stands out by providing dedicated static IPs, ensuring secure access with precise IP-based controls—a crucial feature for safeguarding sensitive resources. PureDome simplifies team management through centralized controls for permissions and groups. Features like role management, device posture checks, and Identity Provider (IdP) integration enhance security. An internet kill switch adds an extra layer of protection, while user-friendly applications for major operating systems make it accessible to all. PureDome goes beyond geographical boundaries, allowing users to bypass blocked regions for uninterrupted, secure connectivity. Its focus on network security addresses critical concerns, making it a robust business VPN solution that safeguards assets and maintains a secure network environment, ultimately enhancing productivity for remote teams worldwide.

VyprVPN - VPN for Streaming, Security, and Privacy

In contrast, VyprVPN focuses on delivering privacy-centric VPN services to individuals and businesses alike. It places a strong emphasis on maintaining user anonymity and securing online communications. VyprVPN positions itself as a reliable partner for safeguarding your online privacy.


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Server Network and Coverage:


PureDome boasts an extensive global server network with servers located in over 70 strategically chosen locations worldwide. This wide-reaching network ensures reliable performance with minimal latency, guaranteeing swift and secure connections, regardless of your team members' geographical locations.


VyprVPN also offers a robust server network that spans 96 locations, providing users with secure access to global content. This extensive server coverage ensures a stable VPN connection, enabling users to enjoy online activities such as streaming without restrictions.

Speed and Performance:


PureDome is renowned for its consistent and dependable connection speeds. It dedicates effort to optimizing server performance, resulting in a seamless online experience characterized by smooth streaming, lag-free business operations, and rapid file and data downloads. Whether you're working remotely or in an office setting, PureDome guarantees a seamless online experience for teams and businesses.


VyprVPN prioritizes maintaining high-speed connections to cater to the demands of its users. While it may not match the lightning-fast speeds of PureDome, VyprVPN offers a reliable online experience suitable for various online activities, especially gaming.

Security and Privacy:


Security and privacy are at the forefront of PureDome's offerings. It implements robust encryption alongside advanced security features, ensuring the confidentiality and security of online data. Users benefit from military-grade encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and additional functionalities like device posture checks, IdP integration, secure web gateways, and reporting and logging capabilities. These features position PureDome as a robust Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution for businesses.


VyprVPN takes privacy seriously and employs strong encryption protocols to protect user data. It maintains a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that your online activities remain private. VyprVPN's commitment to user privacy is a cornerstone of its service. You can scroll the internet safely without having to worry about your online identity.

Ease of Use:


PureDome offers user-friendly applications compatible with a variety of devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS. Its intuitive interface caters to both beginners and experienced users, allowing for effortless navigation and customization of VPN settings. Additionally, PureDome provides a centralized admin dashboard that streamlines tasks such as team member management, team organization, gateway assignment, and license management.


VyprVPN provides user-friendly apps for various platforms, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. Connecting to a VyprVPN server is straightforward, offering convenience for individual users, regardless of their location or device.

Customer Support:


PureDome offers responsive customer support through multiple channels, including live chat, email, and an extensive knowledge base. Knowledgeable support agents are readily available to assist with inquiries or technical issues. The support team operates 24/7 via live chat on the website and console, with a quick first response time, ensuring prompt assistance for sales and post-sales support tickets.


VyprVPN provides customer support through live chat, email, and phone. Users can rely on 24/7 live chat support for assistance whenever needed. It also offers a dedicated account manager.

Price and Value:


PureDome offers centralized and scalable pricing, allowing users to pay only for the services they require, without limitations imposed by predefined packages. There's no need to manage separate accounts for individual members or teams, as all gateway licenses and user accounts can be managed from a single dashboard.


VyprVPN offers competitive pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of both individual users and very small businesses. Its commitment to privacy and security makes it a valuable investment for those seeking a trustworthy VPN service.

Features and Capabilities Comparison

Here's a concise overview of the features and capabilities of PureDome and VyprVPN:


Feature/Capability PureDome (Teams and Businesses) VyprVPN (Consumers and Very Small Businesses)
Centralized Billing check cross
Easy User Management check cross
Organize Users in Teams check check
User Limit 5 users at least 3 users at least
Single IP for Teams check check
Easily Provision New IPs and Gateways check check
Device Posture Check check cross
Role Management check cross
Reporting and Logs check cross
IdP Integration check cross
Access Management and Control check cross
Internet Kill Switch check check
Suitable For Teams and Businesses, including SMBs and large enterprises Individuals and families, frequent travelers, steamers, gamers, and very small teams

The Final Verdict:

In the PureDome vs. VyprVPN comparison, both VPN services offer distinct strengths that cater to different user needs. PureDome excels as a business-focused VPN solution, ideal for teams and businesses seeking secure remote access. On the other hand, VyprVPN places a strong emphasis on privacy and is suitable for individuals and businesses seeking a trustworthy VPN service that prioritizes anonymity. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific requirements and priorities, so carefully consider your needs when making a selection. Regardless of whether you choose PureDome or VyprVPN, prioritizing your online security and privacy is a wise decision in today's interconnected world.