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Unlock Enhanced Network Security with Our New Pricing Tiers

  • 22 May 2024
  • 2 min read

Feature image Unlock Enhanced Network Security with Our New Pricing Tiers

We're excited to introduce our new pricing tiers, which are designed to elevate your network security experience. Whether you're a small business just starting out, a growing business needing advanced features, or a large enterprise requiring comprehensive solutions, our new pricing plans have been designed to meet you where you are in your cybersecurity journey.

We’re introducing 3 standard plans—Basic, Professional, and Enterprise—to ensure that your billing process is simple and straightforward as we continue to evolve. Each plan offers a 30-day free trial. 

Why We Created This New Pricing Model

We launched our new pricing tiers to deliver top-notch security solutions prioritizing simplicity and scalability. We've refined the process to make it effortless for you to identify and cater to your security requirements with our updated pricing plans. Each tier provides the optimal set of tools and services for businesses at different stages of growth and security requirements.

What to Expect When Navigating the New Plans?

👉 If you're completely new to PureDome:

Visit the signup page on the console and create your account.


Navigate to the billing section and enter your payment details to activate your trial.


Go to the "Manage Licenses" page. Purchase a trial for your preferred plan. You’ll only be charged at the end of the 30-day trial period. Note that some features will still be locked based on the plan's offerings. Click the "Continue" button to complete the setup process.


👉 If you're a PureDome customer looking to upgrade your plan:

Go to the "Manage Licenses" page and click "Go Premium." After the trial period ends, you'll be automatically charged for your current subscription plan.



👉 If you're a PureDome customer looking to downgrade your plan:

Reach out to the support team to downgrade the plan. (We’ll be automating this part very soon)


Not sure which subscription package to choose?

Basic: Essential Secure Access

Go for the Basic plan when your small team needs advanced secure access and seamless user management. This tier is ideal if you require fundamental network security features to keep your operations running smoothly and securely.

Professional: Advanced Features

Choose the Professional plan when you want to prioritize identity-centric security and need advanced features to support your growing team. This tier builds on the Basic plan with enhanced capabilities to ensure comprehensive network protection.

Enterprise: Comprehensive Security

Opt for the Enterprise plan when you need robust features and dedicated support to manage your extensive network and ensure top-tier security.

Custom: Tailored Solutions for Security Needs

Opt for the Custom plan if your enterprise demands a bespoke solution tailored to your network infrastructure and business model. This plan offers a highly personalized approach to network security, precisely meeting every aspect of your unique requirements.

With our new pricing tiers, we're excited to offer a more personalized and comprehensive approach to network security management. Explore our pricing plans today and choose the plan that best suits your needs. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are you changing from custom billing to tiered pricing?

We are transitioning to tiered pricing to provide more transparent, predictable, and scalable pricing options. This allows us to align our services with your needs better and ensure you only pay for the features and resources you use.

How will this change affect my current subscription?

Your current subscription will automatically map to the most appropriate tier based on your existing usage and features. You will continue to receive the same level of service, with the option to upgrade or downgrade as needed.

Will my pricing increase with the new plan?

Our goal is to ensure fair pricing for all customers. Customers onboarded before the launch of the new pricing plans will be billed as per usual i.e., they will not experience any changes to their billing details. Changes will only occur if an upgrade or downgrade is applied through the admin console.

How can I find out which tier my current usage falls into?

You can view the details of your current usage and which tier it maps to on our billing page in the admin console. Additionally, our support team is available to help you understand your new plan and any changes.

Can I switch to a different tier if my needs change?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to better fit your evolving business needs. Simply visit the billing page on our customer portal or contact our support team for assistance.

What happens if I exceed the limits of my current tier?

If you exceed the limits of your current tier, you will be automatically notified and given the option to upgrade to a higher tier that better accommodates your needs.

Are there any features that will be restricted or unavailable in the new tiered plans?
Our tiered plans are designed to offer a wide range of features tailored to different needs. While some advanced features may be reserved for higher tiers, all essential features will remain accessible. Detailed information about feature availability for each tier is provided on our pricing page.
Will there be any downtime or disruption during the transition?

No, there will be no downtime or disruption to your service during the transition. Our team has carefully planned the migration to ensure a seamless experience for all customers.

What should I do if I have questions or need support during this transition?

?Our support team is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have during this transition. Please feel free to reach out to our support team here.

Are some features restricted with a free trial?

We have free trials designed for each tier. Selecting the trial for a specific tier allows you to experience the full scope of its features for 30 days without any commitment.