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Enhanced Usability with PureDome's Proxy Extension

  • 14 Sep 2023
  • 2 min read

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In today's hyper-connected world, accessing the internet with ease is a paramount concern. Whether it's improving usability or enhancing browsing performance, PureDome's Proxy Extension for Chrome emerges as a powerful solution to these digital dilemmas. Let's delve into the world of this remarkable extension and explore why it's a game-changer for teams and individuals alike.

A Shift from Traditional VPN to Proxy Extension

For teams utilizing PureDome's Business VPN for Quality Assurance (QA), the introduction of the Browser Extension marks a significant leap in convenience and efficiency. But why opt for a Proxy Extension when VPNs have been the go-to choice for secure online activities?

The answer lies in the granularity of control. While VPNs route 100% of your traffic through the selected server, Proxy Extensions take a more surgical approach. They exclusively route your browser's traffic through the chosen location. This means that while your browser enjoys the benefits of a proxy connection, the rest of your online activities remain unaffected.

This surgical precision addresses two critical concerns:

  • Performance:

    Routing all traffic through another country can introduce performance delays. Certain applications, like Slack, are known to suffer performance issues when used with VPNs. The Proxy Extension avoids these concerns by ensuring that only your browser traffic experiences the slight delay associated with routing through another country, leaving other applications running smoothly.

  • Application Behavior:

    Some applications may behave differently when used with VPNs due to the rerouting of all traffic. By exclusively proxying browser traffic, the Proxy Extension ensures that your browsing experience remains consistent and unaffected by the behavior of other applications.

With PureDome VPN’s Proxy Extension for Chrome, you can enjoy the following benefits:

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  1. Optimize Browsing Sessions:

    Optimize browsing sessions by utilizing dedicated IP and gateway connections via proxy for faster connections and seamless performance.

  2. Anonymous Browsing:

    Protecting your online privacy is paramount. Internet service providers, authorities, website owners, and various entities often track your online activities. With PureDome's VPN Chrome extension, you can browse the internet with complete anonymity. Your digital footprint remains concealed, ensuring your online activities remain private.

  3. Seamless Remote Access:

    If you need to access your business network remotely, PureDome browser extension (through dedicated IP or gateway) can provide a secure connection to your network resources, in more than 70 locations across the world.

    In summary, PureDome's Proxy Extension for Chrome transcends the boundaries of traditional VPNs by offering users a precise and efficient solution for their online needs. Whether it's maintaining anonymity while browsing or unblocking websites, this extension empowers users to navigate the digital landscape with unparalleled ease. With the Proxy Extension, PureDome continues its commitment to providing users with cutting-edge tools that address the evolving challenges of the modern internet.