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Secure Remote Access VPN: Ace The Work-From-Home Era

  • 27 Jan 2024

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The nature of the global workforce is evolving, and your business must be prepared to compete amidst this changing environment. While it appeared to be a standard adopted by a minority of organizations, statistics reveal that the work-from-home or remote work concept is rapidly becoming an industry practice.

Know Your Statistics



  • According to the third edition of McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey, 58% of Americans have the opportunity to work remotely from home at least one out of the five-day work schedule. It is also reported that 87% of employees choose to accept this mode of work flexibility. What is most interesting about these figures is that the respondents include employees from all across the country, belonging to different industries, ranging from laborers to executives.
  • An article in Forbes discussed that in June 2022, a Gallop survey was conducted and the results showed that 8 out of 10 employees were working in remote or hybrid settings, while only 2 out of 10 were working on-site. Moreover, it is expected that the hybrid work model is expected to grow from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024.
  • A survey conducted across the European Union, Asia, and North America showed that by 2025, more than 75% of the global workforce will be inclined toward and actively pushing for remote and hybrid work opportunities.

So, How Is A Secure Remote Access VPN For Businesses Relevant?

We’ve learned that remote work is a rising industry standard and is here to stay and grow. However, when working from home, employees become the hall pass for organisations to become susceptible to a wide new array of cybersecurity threats. Here is a very summarized version of the nature and scope of potential risks:

  • Employees’ personal devices, such as computers and internet routers, could be affected by malware
  • Exchange of data over the public internet connection can expose it to the risk of theft and loss
  • Employees are more likely to work using different software and tools that may become the bridge for cyberattacks
  • IT security teams are less likely to run regular system updates and monitor employees’ network security in remote situations
  • Threats that are present already and can easily be avoided in an on-office environment become more enhanced when employees are spread across different locations in a remote or hybrid work model

While remote work offers many benefits to businesses regarding productivity, employee satisfaction, and other aspects, it can also lead to different issues for organizations if remote network access is not secure.

A secure remote access VPN helps prevent such cybersecurity attacks. Such VPN encrypts the data from the organization’s corporate data center that employees exchange and access. Even if the remote worker is in a public location, it acts as a secure tunnel between the organization and the employee. The encrypted traffic is protected against theft, misuse, and loss due to different cybersecurity attacks.

How To Choose The Best Remote Access VPN Solution For Your Business?



As employee demands and industry standards are evolving, it will soon become the practice for all businesses to make flexible work arrangements a norm. To ensure business growth, remote teams need to be secure. To meet these growing demands, various VPNs are available in the market. However, here are some of the points that you must keep in mind when choosing the best remote access VPN solution for freelancers and employees:

  • Protection against unauthorized access

    Your chosen VPN solution should enable you to manage your remote teams and access to digital assets using different features, such as dedicated IP for teams, which enables team members and allows the control of access to gateways and servers that you choose.

  • Tailored VPN solution for your business

    Make sure that the cybersecurity VPN you choose can accurately meet your business demands. PureDome business VPN solutions offer users the ability to choose a customized package of services that will best match their business needs. You can scale as you grow.

  • Dedicated servers for secure digital access

    Dedicated servers allow for secure network connection across a variety of global locations. They enable the creation of custom gateways for team members, which allows them to access company resources securely, regardless of where they are located.

  • Ease of deployment

    Remember that the cybersecurity solution you choose should make your business processes more efficient and not more difficult. PureDome business VPN is super simple to use and adapt to. It is a plug-and-play solution that requires no additional infrastructure for setup.

  • Multi-layered Security

    Military-grade encryption and two-factor authentication can secure remote networks and make work-from-home productive for employees and organizations. VPNs should be consistently improved and updated as the nature of cyber attacks is evolving rapidly.

How To Setup VPN For Remote Access?

Integrating your business network security solution should not be a difficult task. PureDome’s VPN for businesses is simple to use.

  1. Get started with a few clicks.
  2. Once you’ve created your account, you can download the certified applications that are suitable for different systems, including Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.
  3. Now, you can start your journey toward growth using a secure business network.