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10 Factors to Define Before Choosing A Business VPN

  • 14 Mar 2024

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One of the primary concerns of an enterprise owner is to ensure secure remote connections to your company networks and resources, safeguarding them from potential data breaches. With the average cost of a data breach in 2022 estimated at $4.35 million, many businesses prioritize the deployment of business VPN solutions.


With enterprise VPN solutions, you get a secure gateway to link your employees with your corporate networks. Features like multi-factor authentication, turning off split tunneling, setting a maximum connection-time window (where employees need to re-authenticate), and requiring strong, changing passwords are ways these VPNs enhance and strengthen your security.

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Wrapping Up

While business VPNs offer many benefits, their privacy and security depend on the VPN provider’s trustworthiness. Not all business VPN services are equal, so choosing a well-reviewed and reputable VPN service that follows strong security and privacy practices is imperative. The choice of business VPN depends on your specific security requirements, use case, and the networks or devices you need to connect.