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Navigating SOC 2 Compliance To Ensure Secure Connectivity for Employees

1st September, 2023

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In a landscape where numerous contemporary businesses are adopting hybrid or fully remote work setups, the responsibilities of IT departments extend to ensuring continuous SOC 2 compliance to ensure secure connectivity for employees, transitioning between on-site and remote operations seamlessly.

Conventional identity management solutions encounter challenges in accommodating remote work due to on-premises infrastructure and inflexibility. In contrast, cloud-based infrastructure empowers organizations to adapt to dynamic work scenarios swiftly, furnishing essential system control that directly impacts compliance adherence.

This emerging work paradigm, allowing employees to operate from diverse locations, introduces distinct organizational challenges. Novel processes must be introduced to maintain control over remote users and systems, while existing protocols need restructuring to align with the demands of the contemporary, technology-centric era. Examples of these processes encompass:

  • Regulating the flow of data and information across remote systems.

  • Provisioning and revoking user access to IT resources.