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VPN for Journalists and Bloggers

Journalism involves the handling and reporting of sensitive and important data that has a great risk of being stolen and mishandled. Data privacy and confidential data security as essential elements of a journalist’s job.

How a VPN for Journalists Works

Journalists and bloggers both have to rely heavily on having access to an internet connection at all times to conduct research, communicate, and get the word out to the masses and their audiences. Suppose this research and conversation isn’t protected. In that case, it could result in irrecoverable damages, not to mention losing one’s reputation and public trust, without which, this line of work would be fruitless. One thing that puts journalists and bloggers at a higher risk for cybersecurity attacks and data theft is their need for the internet on the go. People belonging to creative and mass communication careers don’t lead desk jobs and often have to meet people and sources in different places to conduct research and carry out interviews, requiring them to lead a more flexible work lifestyle. This could involve working from cafés, airports, off-grid locations, and even malls and hotels. The problem with this is that most public Wi-Fi connections are spaces where hackers and cybercriminals like to hang out because it’s easy to get into connected devices. Journalists and bloggers are among the most profitable targets for cybercriminals, given the nature of information their jobs require them to deal with. From confessions to internal company news, this is the type of information that could cause a lot of damage, which is valuable to cybercriminals. By using a VPN, you could significantly improve the security of this data.

Secure Your Network