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How To Set Up A Business VPN For Small Businesses?

2nd September, 2023

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As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, small businesses are presented with a unique challenge: providing secure online access to their employees while safeguarding against cyber threats. Accenture’s Cybercrime study reveals that nearly 43% of cyber-attacks on small businesses. Cybercriminals are known to target small businesses, making network security imperative. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for your small business, ensuring robust protection and secure remote access.

Understanding VPN: Your Digital Shield

Before delving into the setup process, let's first grasp the essence of a VPN:

When you navigate the internet, your data travels through public networks, vulnerable to prying eyes and potential cyberattacks. A VPN transforms your connection into a secure, private network. It achieves this by routing your online activities through a VPN server, encrypting your data, and masking your IP address. This shield of encryption ensures that cybercriminals cannot intercept or compromise your data.