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Data Protection Laws & Regulations: A Guide for IT Leaders

22nd August, 2023

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As data protection laws & regulations evolve, IT leaders must stay informed. This post will provide an in-depth look at the implications of US and state data privacy regulations on businesses, as well as a comparison of the essential features of GDPR and CCPA to illustrate the difficulties multinational organizations face when attempting to comply. and state-level privacy legislation, providing a deep dive into their impacts on businesses.

We'll also compare key features of GDPR and CCPA, highlighting the compliance challenges global corporations face. Furthermore, it will delve into vertical-specific regulations like HIPAA and GLBA while discussing internet security issues related to deceptive advertising practices.

Lastly, learn how compliance platforms can help adhere to these complex data protection laws & regulations effectively.

U.S. Data Privacy Laws

Understanding U.S. data privacy laws' intricacies is like navigating a complex but possible labyrinth. From their early beginnings to recent amendments, these laws have significantly evolved over time.

For instance, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was one of the first legislations that recognized and addressed online data protection needs in 1998.